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Five Trends We Are Afraid OfПроцессы разработки

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Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko is a founder and CEO of Zerocracy, which replaces annoying bosses with AI bots; an OOP fundamentalist; an author of “Elegant Objects” book series; a provocative blogger at yegor256.com; a creator of Zold, a non-Blockchain cryptocurrency for fast micro-payments; a hands-on Java programmer; a creator of Cactoos, Takes Framework, JCabi, and Rultor; a philanthropist donating four thousand dollars annually to an open source award.


Programming languages, frameworks, paradigms, deployment models, hardware and software configurations change very often and fast. However, there are a few other things that also change, and which scare us. First, it’s the inevitable trend of working out of office and even out of company, in distributed temporary projects – most of us are not ready for that and don’t know how to do it. Second, the attention to the quality of code we were paying ten years ago is not what the future demands from us – programmers become a very expensive component of any project and they must think about the maintainability mess they used to leave behind. Third, the world of open source grows quickly and staying out of it is not an option anymore, however many of us don’t know how to deal with it. Fourth, we are getting closer to customers and this is what many of us are not ready for, since we used to work from behind an army of product owners, project managers, and customer relationship managers – this will be changed in the future and we must be ready. Fifth, the quickly growing arsenal of cloud services makes it very important for programmers to understand DevOps and know how to use not only frameworks and libraries, but also hosted services. These five trends are important to consider and get ourselves ready for them.

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