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Anatoly Sharifulin

Anatoly is CEO and co-founder of ApFollow. has been involved in the development and promotion of mobile apps since 2009. He worked as CTO in software studio TochkaK, then for 2 years was head of mobile products in In 2013 he won AngelHack hackathon in Moscow with his own app called Alerter.
He is undoubtful leader with expertise in ASO and competitive app analysis.


Anatoly will drop some knowledge bombs on how to do ASO, how reviews affect your ratings, how to work with your users in order to get to the top of app stores. Will teach you how to get on the App Store Today tab and why it may be not for the best.

Doubt if you should attend? Doubt no more if you want to learn all insides of ASO and how to develop apps that get to the top of the charts.

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