Swift & Objective-C: The most adventurous mashup since “Avengers: Infinity War”Технологии iOS

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Matthias Tretter
IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

Senior Software Engineer @IdeasOnCanvas GmbH.
Matthias Tretter is the lead developer at IdeasOnCanvas, where he works on MindNode for iOS, macOS and watchOS (http://mindnode.com). Matthias is passionate about a lot of things, but front and foremost technology, psychology and especially the intersection of both. Therefore he is equally interested in technical aspects of a product, as well as its user experience. Recently he developed a big passion for accessibility and what it takes to make apps truly great to use for impaired users.


In a perfect world many of us would choose to have a 100 % Swift codebase, while others would choose to have a 100 % Objective-C codebase - both of which are perfectly fine. Would you choose to maintain a mixed codebase? Probably not, but that‘s the reality many of us live in. Legacy Code, don‘t we all love it?

While Mix & Match between Swift and Objective-C works great out of the box, there are many rough edges. Let‘s explore some tricks we can use to bring first-class APIs to both worlds - restoring our sanity, and harmony between both languages.

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