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Matthias Tretter
IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

Senior Software Engineer @IdeasOnCanvas GmbH.
Matthias Tretter is the lead developer at IdeasOnCanvas, where he works on MindNode for iOS, macOS and watchOS ( Matthias is passionate about a lot of things, but front and foremost technology, psychology and especially the intersection of both. Therefore he is equally interested in technical aspects of a product, as well as its user experience. Recently he developed a big passion for accessibility and what it takes to make apps truly great to use for impaired users.



Accessibility is a very important topic, that is often overlooked or, at best, added as an after-thought. This is very unfortunate, as Apple is doing a great job at providing good and simple to use APIs to make our apps accessible. Apple is fully committed to Accessibility and in providing an equal user experience for all their users, and so should we. The goal of this talk is to give an in-depth look at Accessibility on iOS, as well as outlining the reasons on why to use Accessibility by giving real-world examples of its importance.

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