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Доклад принят в программу конференции
Егор Бугаенко

Директор лаборатории в Huawei, основатель компании Zerocracy, разрабатывающей AI-роботов для управления программистами.


I truly believe that quality is not what programmers should care about. They must care only about speed—close tasks as soon as possible— which means make money. Won't this attitude ruin the project and turn the code base into a mess? Yes, it will. If the project doesn't care about its quality either. There must be a permanent conflict between a project and its programmers: 1) the project must be configured to reject anything that lowers the quality of its artifacts and 2) programmers must be interested in making changes to those artifacts. The project cares about the quality, the programmers care about fast delivery of modifications. I wrote about this: http://www.yegor256.com/2018/03/06/speed-vs-quality.html

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