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Xavier F. Gouchet

Xavier F. Gouchet is the Lead Android Engineer at Workwell. There, he focuses on the core architecture of the apps, tools for all the Android developers, unit tests, and administrate the CI systems. He has been dabbling in Android since the Cupcake days and has been working as a professional Android engineer since 2012.


More often than none, an Android project's build.gradle file grow larger and more complex with time. Because we need to adapt it to all the specific build constraints and scenarios which are not supported by default. Custom tasks, advanced usages, … the use cases are infinite.

But like the rest of your source code, the build.gradle file(s) should be clean, easy to read and easy to maintain. After looking through various tips and techniques to clean your gradle code, we'll look at the underappreciated 'buildSrc' folder, which allows you to create plugins directly from your project. This talk will walk you step by step through the creation of such a custom plugin, with a couple of concrete ex.

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